Andrew Bynum calls J.J. Hickson “an infant”


Andrew Bynum has finally logged some decent minutes for the Cleveland Cavaliers, and notched some decent numbers as a result. Bynum is averaging about 17 points and eight rebounds in his last two outings, and although he appears out of shape, Bynum resembles his former self a tab bit.

Bynum is listed as 7’1, 285 pounds, so he’s certainly one of the bigger players in the league. On Wednesday night, former Cavalier, J.J. Hickson, was given the assignment of guarding Bynum. The Nuggets’ big man goes about 6’9, 240 pounds, and as a result was easy pickings for Bynum. Andrew even went as far as to refer to Hickson as an “infant” due to his lack of size at the center position.

“The guy guarding me was an infant,” Bynum said.

Bynum was hesitant to mix it up down low early on in the game, and as a result, teammate C.J. Miles was on the sideline hollering that the Nuggets were “babies”. This again, referring to Denver’s lack of size at the center position. Or perhaps it was because Bynum is such a big dude.

At any rate, the fact that a guy who stands 6’9 and weighs almost 250 pounds, is considered “an infant” by anyone’s standards is ridiculous.

Written by Nick Endress

Nick Endress

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