Andrew Bynum practicing 5-on-5, not cleared for opener

When the Cleveland Cavaliers tip-off the season hosting the Brooklyn Nets Wednesday, Andrew Bynum will not be the one going up for that tipped ball.

In a shock to nobody, Bynum has not been cleared to play yet.

However, he is practicing 5-on-5 and may not be that far away, reports Bob Finnan at the News-Herald.

“He’s been practicing 5-on-5 the last week-and-a-half,” Cavs coach Mike Brown said. “When it gets to the point where we all feel he’s (ready to play), we’ll clear him.”

So… that’s vague. Teams love to be vague. It’s very trendy now. Especially after the Sixers raised a fan base’s expectations around Bynum last season only to have him never get on the court.

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It sounds sooner rather than later with Bynum, but we’ll wait until we see him go up for an opening tip before we believe it.

Written by Nick


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