Bob Knight shouts at fans for blocking his view live on air

The most cringe-inducing moment of Bob Knight’s tenure as an ESPN analyst had been the time he couldn’t decipher the difference between the shot clock and the game clock two years ago.

Hard as it may be to believe, Knight may have topped that Thursday night.

Midway through the second half of 21st-ranked SMU’s 67-58 victory over Temple, Knight began screaming live on the air at someone standing in front of him to quit blocking his view. Veteran play-by-play man Mike Patrick tried to divert attention by continuing to call the game, but Knight just shouted over him.

“Hey, either take my seat and let me sit there or sit down,” Knight, 74, said gruffly. “We’ve got to see what’s going on.”

The bizarre on-air outburst from Knight is further proof that he probably isn’t cut out for broadcasting. The legendary former Indiana coach seldom appears to have done enough research to be knowledgeable about the teams he’s analyzing, nor does he excel in a studio role.

Knight previously has served as ESPN’s lead analyst on Big 12 and SEC games, but his star has dropped in recent years. This season he was demoted to calling games in the off-the-radar American Athletic Conference on Thursday nights on ESPN2.

ESPN officials may wish they had pulled the plug on the Knight experiment sooner after Thursday night. Rough as some of his other broadcasts have been, there has never been anything like this.

Written by Zac Porter

Zac Porter

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