Brook Lopez is building a Disney-themed house in Orlando

Noted comic book/Star Wars/Disney fan, Brook Lopez has taken his fandom to a new level. According to Stefan Bondy of the Daily News, Lopez is building a house in Disney World.

Yes, on the actual grounds of Disney World in Orlando.

From Bondy:

The opportunity arose with the advent of Disney’s sponsored Golden Oak — a 980-acre real estate development on the grounds of the theme park.

Among the perks of living at Golden Oak, according to its website, is an annual pass to all four of Disney World’s theme parks with free shuttle service. There’s also the option to decorate the home with “hidden Mickeys” — small mouse ears emblazoned on walls, ceilings or railings.

Lopez’s affinity for Disney stems from childhood visits to the Anaheim theme park close to where he grew up in Southern California. When his NBA career tipped off in 2008, Lopez made it a point to visit the theme park on road trips to Orlando, somehow fitting his 275-pound frame into the rides.

Lopez is building the house as an offseason home and will truly be living out his fanboy dreams on a daily basis every summer. Before you think Lopez is just spending money frivolously, this actually may be a good investment. If he ever has kids, they will enjoy having easy access to the theme park. Also, since he will only be living there for a few months a year, Lopez can bring in some additional income by renting out his place to Disney-crazed fans on Airbnb. Bondy also notes that the majority of the home owners in Golden Oak are wealthy Brazilians so if he wants to try something new, Lopez could even do a house swap with someone in Brazil.

Hey, at least Lopez didn’t get trapped in a timeshare pyramid scheme.

Written by Nick Endress

Nick Endress

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