Charles Barkley Says There Are Only 5 Real Jobs In The World

Charles Barkley went on the “Mike Missanelli Show” in Philadelphia last week and talked about his philosophy on life.

He revealed some interesting things about himself, like he never lets anyone buy him a drink because no one bought him drinks when he was poor, and he always talks to random strangers who come up to him because most of them are really good people.

The best part was when he talked about how great his own life is, and how there are only five real jobs in the world — teacher, policeman, fireman, doctor, soldier. It was a monologue delivered with self-awareness, in his signature style.

Man, life is great. Now think about this: Those people got shot down in the plane the other day. You saw the other plane crash over there the other day. Like, it’s over. And if you spent your whole life being a miserable person … like, I tell people, when I die I want to just say, ‘Man, this has been amazing.’

I’ve lived 51 years. I’ve lost two brothers. One died at birth and one died four or five years ago.

We got great lives. Why would we be miserable? I’ll tell you, there’s five real jobs in the world: teacher, fireman, policeman, doctor, and someone who’s in the armed services. Those are five real jobs. I dribbled a basketball my entire life, and now I get paid to watch LeBron James and Kevin Durant play. You get paid to come in here and talk sports. You get to watch sports and come on the radio and talk about it. Man, we’re winning. We’re so blessed. You see stuff all that time that’s, like, man, I’m so blessed.

Written by Nick Endress

Nick Endress

Nick the Quick Endress is an avid fan of basketball and hip hop, and a contributing writer with WJS since 2013. Nick has interviewed rappers, ballers, rapper ballers, and baller rappers on the site and continues to preach that the NBA should have a team in Europe. Maybe because Nick currently lives outside London where to them Football is actually played with your feet, can you believe this fatuousness?