Congrats to the Warriors and Thank You to Lebron James

Stephen Curry Does the Salsa Dance - Suns vs Warriors - April 2, 2015 - NBA 2014-15 Season

The season is over, and the team with the most wins during the year was crowned the champion of basketball, the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors led by this year’s MVP, Steph Curry, beat Lebron and the Cleveland Cavaliers 4-2.

Congrats to the Warriors, but a big Thank You to LeBron James.

Lebron has now played in 5 straight finals. Losing 3 and winning 2, and for his career he is 2-4 in NBA Finals.

But the moxy and ability of the games current greatest player, made this a series. It made the NBA interesting. Lebron has made the NBA interesting since the Lakers won it all in 2010. Leaving his home, and returning to give his home an oh so close of a title, will be remember as not getting it done, but Lebron has proven he is the best player since Jordan. Yes, over Kobe and Shaq and Duncan, and he did so as the first superstar to have to face a daily on slot of people yelling at him on social media. The first player who had to hear idiot journalists like myself saying things like, He will never be Jordan and even worse.

Lebron didn’t turn into Tracy McGrady and fall asleep during his turn in the weight room, he didn’t agree with the haters and cynics. He just played basketball the right way, his way, and he kept a team with a D League cast around him, in this series when they should have gone home in 4.

Thank you Lebron for being something to watch in this modern NBA.

I had to stop my own personal hating on you when I heard the great Larry Bird say it himself, “People better enjoy this kid while he is here.”

Bird is right, and although only armed with 2 rings, the current King of Basketball isn’t the reigning MVP, it is to the other kid born in Akron, LeBron James.

So thank you Lebron for giving us somebody to hate or love, and you not being bothered by it either way as you play the game the right way. Passing to the open man, rebounding, and playing team basketball. Your quote from after the loss last night that stuck with me?

“We had 14 assists and I had 9 of them,” James said. “I don’t enjoy that. That’s not winning basketball.”

Lebron you gave us the best Finals from one player EVER, and your team still came up short.

You, however, didn’t.

Thank you Lebron James!



Written by Catfish Hughes

Catfish Hughes

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