David West Proves Winning is What is Important


The man was AP player of the year in college while playing for Xavier. He was a giant force for the Pacers, and a reason they went to back to back Eastern Conference Finals.

Now West is turning down over $12 million to play for his chance to get past the conference finals and win a Championship with the Spurs.

West has signed for the vet minimum, which is about $1.4 million, and since the Spurs added Portland’s big man, Aldridge, they seem the favorite to win it all next year.

Well maybe at least in the top 3 of favorites with Golden State still in the reigning champ, and now Oklahoma City is healthy. Plus that Lebron guy in Cleveland…So maybe not the all out favorite, but they have a pretty solid chance.

The main statement of West leaving about $11 million on the table to play for a championship should be a major shot at the Pacers and Larry Bird. Indianapolis and San Antonio are both small markets, both former ABA teams, and it proves that the Pacers won’t be a winner anytime soon while the Spurs are the spot to go win a ring.

West is 35 now, and a long ways away from his AP player of the year days at Xavier. He is still a great pick up for the Spurs, and in any other non-Aldridge year would be a cover story.

The Pacers and Bird did pick up Monta Ellis, a player who can score the rock but not much else.

Written by Catfish Hughes

Catfish Hughes

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