Do Dwight Howard and James Harden ‘Eat Separately’ from Rockets Teammates?

Sometimes, a lot can be lost in translation.

According to a Reddit translation of Donatas Motiejunas’ original interview, D-Mo’s words, as provided below, have been taken out of context (h/t Deadspin’s Barry Petchesky).

As I don’t know Lithuanian, I can’t confirm the exact validity of said translation, but this appears to be much kinder to the notableHouston Rockets stars: 

When communicating with Howard and Harden, what do you talk about? A: Basically I say just “Hello” and “Goodbye” to them. Q: They don’t invite you to barbecue or something? A: No, they eat different food than me. Q: What? Do you mean they eat oysters? A: No… being European, I am more likely to eat oyster than them. They eat fast food.

It’s scary enough that the possibly mistranslated takeaways you can find in the original text are actually believable claims. That alone doesn’t speak too kindly to Houston’s chemistry after a disappointing offseason.

However, D-Mo is not adding fuel to the fire. In fact, he even calls Dwight Howarda fun guy to be around in general,” according to that same translation. 

Written by Nick Endress

Nick Endress

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