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“Playya 1000 and the Deeksta are international underground stars. People from Japan, Germany, Canada, Australia and more have paid over $500 per CD on Ebay for anything created or produced by the duo. After taking a break from the game, Playya 1000 and the Deeksta returned with a new passion and purpose and released ‘20/20 Vision’, a combination of the classic Playya 1000 G Funk mixed with a new school Dirty South vibe.”

Now Oklahoma isn’t known as a breeding ground for hip hop acts, but you couldn’t tell that to the people of Oklahoma. The real rap fans and people who enjoy good music in the OKC and surrounding areas because most of them are familiar with Playa 1000 and Deeksta. Playa 1000 and Deeksta have been grinding since before the Neptunes got on with “Grindin.” These cats have sold albums online for up to $500.00 to hungry fans overseas. They have the local and worldwide markets. Playya 1000 handles rapping the bars, and Deeksta handles the top notch production.We got a chance to catch up with Playya 1000 as their new single, Bout that Life, was added to 6 FM radio stations. You can listen and watch the video then hit the jump for the exclusive interview!


What is up with Playa 1000 right now? We are putting the finishing touches on our upcoming CD “No Hate Zone”. We feel this is our best work yet and the songs tell stories that need to be both seen and heard. We are also continuing our work with youth via motivational performances and continuing to impact the lives of people with our 20/20 Movement. 




You guys have a single getting some major radio play, “Bout That Life,” can you tell us about that? Yes “Bout That Life” is our ode to success and is already receiving great feedback and some are saying is an instant classic. The “Bout That Life” single and video is spreading like a wildfire with over 120,000 youtube views in just three weeks. The track is currently in rotation in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and Lawton, Oklahoma. So our home state is definitely showing love.  The song is the lead single from our upcoming CD “No Hate Zone”. This track reflects the present status in life that we hold; we feel we are in a real good place in our lives. We avoid negativity, stay away from haters, and stay focused on achieving our goals. The track features a great female vocalist Leah Joelle on the hook. “Bout That Life” is a great song and deserves to be heard by the masses. 



Can you tell us more about Playa 1000? Playya 1000 consists of the duo 1-Gee (Fred Frierson) and The Deeks (Darrell Davis). We have always gone by Playya 1000 and the Deeksta, but recently decided to make a change. The brand of Playya 1000 represents a contribution to the greater good. So we have started recognizing various acts, people, places or things as either “Playya 1000” or not “Playya 1000”. Meaning if it is “Playya 1000 or a “Playya 1000 Moment” it is 1 of 1000 ways to effectively, positively, or correctly play the game of life.  1-Gee writes all of the songs and is the MC. The Deeks makes all of the beats. We have been friends for so long that our chemistry incredible and we both do a great job of staying in our lane, which eliminates a lot of drama.


Let’s talk on basketball because the sweet 16 starts today, do you watch more college or NBA? We definitely watch more NBA throughout the season because we love to play fantasy sports. So we are always picking players and going at it when a big game comes on. We have a really big fantays event during NBA All-star game. However when March Madness comes, aside from filling out brackets, we get with a group of guys and draft 20 players each from the 68 teams in the tournament. The person whose players score the most points during March Madness is the winner. So it’s safe to say we are trying to watch every game in the tournament to track our players. 


Out of the 16 teams left in the tourney who do you like and why?

1-Gee – I’m rolling with Florida. I think they are on a mission and I can’t see anyone matching their intensity.


Deeks – I think Louisville will win back to back, Pitino is a great coach and knows how to get his teams prepared for the Madness.


Who do you think is the greatest basketball player of all time? We both definitely agree it’s Michael Jordan.


Do you think there will ever be another shoe brand as dominant for so long as Jordans?

1-Gee – I can’t see it Jordans hold so much Nostalgia and that takes a long time to develop. In present day nothing stays popular very long so I doubt if anything will be able to dominate as long as Jordans has.


Deeks – I agree Jordan had to build a brand over time and that just doesn’t happen these days.


Back to the music, besides the hot single, what do you guys have upcoming? Of course finishing up the “No Hate Zone” CD. We plan to release it at the end of April. We are preparing to shoot our next video for a song entitled “Noted”. We are also continuing to build the brand of Playya 1000 via social media and a strong online presence. We also plan to do a lot of performances with mainstream artist and also in schools and conferences with our motivational outreach. We also will continue to host youth basketball tournaments that promote positivity and helps keep youth of the streets and out of trouble. 


Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Our career goals are to establish the brand of Playya 1000.  This means that we achieve success in the industry by creating chart-topping music with out sacrificing substance.  We open the door for more hip-hop artists to follow in our footsteps, thus providing the general public with more options of hip-hop to choose from. In 5 years we see ourselves still firmly entrenched in the music scene. We plan on developing acts that will keep our 20/20 Movement alive and well. We will also start a foundation that will allow us to become philanthropists and continue to contribute to the greater good.



Do you have any last shout outs or thoughts? We would like to thank everyone that has supported us over the years. We promise to continue to poor our heart and soul into every track we make. We pledge to continue to contribute to the greater good and lead by example in hopes we can inspire the next generation to follow our lead. In closing stay true to yourself and keep it 1000!  If anyone reading this would like to reach us below is a list of our social media links. 



Twitter: @realplayya1000

Facebook: Playya1000

Instagram: Playya1000

Written by Joey Sinatra

Joey Sinatra

Joey Sinatra is a co-founder of WickedJumpShot.com Joey is a boxing and basketball journalist who attends USI as a post graduate. Joey grew up in the New Rochelle Area of the greater New York City area, and is a cousin of the famous singer, Frank Sinatra. Joey also writes for the Boxing Globe.

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