Heat players allegedly lost money to con man

Former Heat guard Mike Miller is the only player publicly identified as a victim of the scam so far.

Alleged con man Haider Zafar ripped off former Miami Heat guard Mike Miller along with several other Heat players, according to Kathy Lynn Gray of the Columbus Dispatch.

Zafar is currently awaiting trial for swindling a businessman out of $10 million in a real-estate scheme. A witness in federal court in Columbus Thursday said Zafar also ran an investment scheme in Florida that conned Miller, other Heat players and some Florida residents out of $8 million.

The witness, international-investment attorney Andrew Fine, said he questioned Zafar about the money that had been invested. Zafar responded by saying, “They can’t touch me in Pakistan.”

Zafar has been in custody since his May 25 arrest by the IRS at Port Columbus. He was indicted in June on 118 counts of wire fraud, 13 counts of money laundering, one count of false income-tax return and three counts of failing to file income-tax returns.

Zafar, originally from Pakistan, will not be released on bond because he’s been ruled a flight risk and poses a danger to the community.

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