Hoosiers Might Find Crean’s Replacement with Wittman

Randy Wittman has never been a college basketball coach, but there is one place that he might really consider coaching at and that is his alma matter, Indiana. The Hoosiers haven’t fired current head coach, Tom Crean, but to say Crean has been sitting on the hot seat is putting it lightly.

The Hoosiers are struggling this year, and while Crean might not be the sole reason, he is a BIG reason. The boosters are starting to talk, and the fans too. The talk doesn’t sound good for Crean.

The problem is, IU isn’t a destination job anymore. The two coaches before Crean, Mike Davis and Kelvin Sampson both played a huge role in this. Both coaches had some successes, but both never lived up to the hype and national championships like former coach, Bob Knight.

Knight was a different breed, a rare once in a lifetime coach that any hire will fall short of unless Coach K was hired. That won’t happen, and it seems the only thing to do for the Hoosiers is hire someone from the Knight pedigree.

This means somebody like Steve Alford or Wittman. Alford is trying to fill John Wooden’s shoes out in Southern California so that leads Wittman. Now Wittman is currently the head coach with the Washington Wizards, but it seems the wheels are coming off in DC. Just last week it was reported the Wizards point guard, John Wall and Wittman got into a heated exchange. It might be much ado about nothing, or it could be Wittman remember his roots.

His roots at IU, and the hatred that IU has for Kentucky. Wall is a former UK star. Although I highly doubt it is anything more than a guard getting into it with his coach, it does open up the theory.

Wittman to IU would be good for the program, and Wittman knows the game of basketball. He played it, unlike current Coach Crean, and I am willing to bet he could recruit just as good as Crean. Now Crean has brought in 5 Mcdonald’s All American’s in the last 5 years, but I still believe Wittman could do this.

Somebody get Fred Glass on the phone, and tell him to give Wittman a call…. At least to just open up the idea…

Written by Catfish Hughes

Catfish Hughes

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