How Does Calipari Feel About Not Taking The Cavs Position?

Calipari was in “deep talks” with Cleveland to become head coach and president of the Cavs, a report last month from Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski and Rivals’ Brett Dawson said. Calipari would have reportedly had the final call on all player personnel decisions. Speculation was heavy that Calipari only wanted to jump to the NBA if he was head coach and general manager.
The Cavs were offering Calipari $60 million for seven years. There has been a general feeling for years that Calipari wanted to coach James some day. Calipari told the Cleveland Plain Dealer he would love to coach perhaps the best player in the NBA if the two could ever get their paths to meet.
The UK coach was fresh off an NCAA championship game appearance with a team full of super talented freshmen, and this was two years after Calipari won his first national crown with the Wildcats.
There must have been something just not right in Calipari’s eyes with whether the Cavs could pull James back home. Without that assurance, Calipari must have figured going to Cleveland was too great a risk to take.
It didn’t hurt that Calipari also had one of the greatest fall-back plans ever. He was looking at a roster in Lexington filled with nine McDonald’s All-Americans, seven players 6-foot-8 or taller, and three of those guys 7-footers. Calipari had to be thinking “maybe we should figure out where to put the next banner in Rupp Arena.”
Having Aaron and Andrew Harrison return to UK probably also helped Calipari rest easier as he recovered from hip surgery.
With all the talk that started to swirl around Calipari, UK also did its best to come through with a lockdown plan to keep Calipari with the Cats for as long as possible.
They had reportedly gotten a contract extension done in April, but Calipari didn’t finalize things until early June. And that lockdown deal was attractive as a spring racing day at Keeneland. Calipari agreed to a 7-year deal for $52.5 million, and he would make $6.5 million next season, then a whopping $8 million a season over the last three years.
There it stood until Friday morning. Lee Jenkins of Sports Illustrated got the break with a Lebron James first-person story, although Chris Sheridan ( had been evidently on this track of LeBron-to-Cleveland for some time.
Calipari and “what about his chance to coach James” was a bit of the Twitter talk also.
And so was this from a few different sources on Twitter, and from Ben Roberts of the Lexington Herald-Leader.
Calipari was in Chicago at the Adidas Unrivaled showcase Friday afternoon. He was there to see Jaylen Brown, a top UK target in the 2015 class.

Written by Joey Sinatra

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