Jay Bilas Finally Meets Young Jeezy (VIDEO)

College basketball analyst Jay Bilas is a big fan of rapper Young Jeezy. For years, Bilas has tweeted Jeezy lyrics every morning, slipped Jeezy references into his on-air commentary and quoted Jeezy in commencement speeches. Jeezy took notice, and returned the favor by shouting out Bilas on E-40’s “Function”. But the two had never met, until now. Props to Vibe.

Written by Catfish Hughes

Catfish Hughes

Frank “Catfish” Hughes has been called, “Bob Knight’s Baby with Hip Hop that covers sports.” and “the future of sports writing!” He is an official member of the NSSA & USBWA. Catfish covers the Los Angeles Angeles as the official East Coast Voice of the Lakers, and owns the NBA media outlet, WickedJumpShot.com and was the host of Thru the Wire Sports Talk Radio which aired on both ESPN Radio and Fox Sports Radio. Catfish is the head editor and chief here at the Boxing Globe. @CatfishHughes on twitter.

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