Jerry Lucas to auction off Gold Medal, 1970 Knicks championship ring

Jerry Lucas was one of the NBA’s legendary rebounders, pulling down 12,942 over the course of his career (15.6 per game), while averaging 17 rebounds a game. He played for the Knicks and Warriors and when it was all said and done he was a Hall of Famer and a member of the original NBA’s 50 Greatest Players list (put together in 1996).

Now you can own his 1960 Gold Medal, his 1970 Knicks championship ring and other memorabilia.

Lucas is auctioning the stuff off, reports the Middletown Journal in Ohio (via The Point Forward at SI).

For the past five decades, some of Jerry Lucas’ most prized possessions from the 1960 Rome Olympics, Ohio State University and his NBA career have been stuffed in cardboard boxes and stored in his closest…

Lucas said for years the items were stored in his home. Because he couldn’t divide the items fairly among his family, he said selling them through Grey Flannel Auctions was “the right thing to do at this time…”

If I had a gold medal the thing would be displayed prominently over the mantle and it would be the first thing I would show everyone who walked through the door. Not Lucas, never displayed them. So, he’s not really going to miss them.

“Things don’t mean a lot to me,” he said. “They never have. I have real great memories associated with them, but they’re hard to see when they’re in a closet.”

Now, you can display the fruits of his labor — but it’s going to coast you. The gold medal can’t be sold for less than $250,000. But you’ve got that kind of money lying around, so why not jump in?

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