Jordan McCabe makes High School Debut, My Grade?

There hasn’t been a kid this highly touted out of 8th grade since Damon Bailey. Jordan McCabe is his name, and his game has been featured all over the ‘net. Now the kid they call, the next white chocolate, has started his high school basketball career and my report is in.

Now, I first heard about Jordan just like everybody else from outside of the cheese head state, by watching his dazzling videos on youtube. The questions were always in the comments, can he play D? how tall is he? how old is he? etc.

I just hope that all the anticipation for the youngster doesn’t make him miss out on playing at a major level college. I love to see the youth kids on the court playing hard and for something and in the stands rooting on their school, but I want them to remember that they ARE just kids and too enjoy high school.

Jordan catches some hate for being flashy, again the youtube comments are filled with this BS.

The flashy part to me is just Jordan being a kid, and showing up other kids. I like that in him. If the other teams are worried about it, they can stop him.

Now as for all the stuff that Jordan is going to have to deal with?

(Including people like me writing articles on him!)

I think he should just enjoy high school, enjoy learning the game, enjoy the time with his teammates, and remember that for all the counting down he did before his first high school basketball game, it doesn’t mean anything yet.

The rest of the world has another clock counting down for another FIRST GAME. His first college basketball game.

Here is some videos of this kid, Jordan McCabe, and let me be the first to tell you that despite people stating he is too short, not quick enough, not tall enough or whatever, if this kid keeps practicing and training like he does, the sky is the limit!

And my grade after 2 games doesn’t matter, let this kid at least be a junior!

Written by Nick Endress

Nick Endress

Nick the Quick Endress is an avid fan of basketball and hip hop, and a contributing writer with WJS since 2013. Nick has interviewed rappers, ballers, rapper ballers, and baller rappers on the site and continues to preach that the NBA should have a team in Europe. Maybe because Nick currently lives outside London where to them Football is actually played with your feet, can you believe this fatuousness?