Kevin Durant’s 25-point streak ends at 41 games

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Kevin Durant expects to fondly reflect upon his streak of 41 consecutive games with at least 25 points after the season ends. But for now, he’s actually relieved the streak is over.

Durant’s run ended during the Thunder’s 107-92 victory over the Sacramento Kings on Tuesday night. He finished with a team-high 23 points in 31 minutes and did not play in the fourth quarter. Durant’s streak is the third longest in NBA history, trailing Wilt Chamberlain’s 80 games and Oscar Robertson’s 46.

“When I sit back after the season is over and reflect on everything that I’ve done, that the team’s done, I will appreciate it then,” Durant said. “I’m focusing on game to game, how we can get better as a group and how I can help the team get better. I was getting so many texts after every game. I’m glad that’s over with.

“If we play well and I had 25 points, that took away from how the team was playing. So I didn’t like it. If we lost, it was all about me scoring 25 points, so I didn’t like that either. I’m glad we can just talk about the team now.”

Durant was on the floor at the end of the third quarter with the Thunder leading 85-77 but was on the bench when Oklahoma City opened the fourth quarter with a 16-0 run. The Thunder have a big road game Wednesday against the Los Angeles Clippers that will play a role in who lands the Western Conference’s second playoff seed, so it made little sense to bring Durant back into the game.

Durant enthusiastically cheered on teammates the entire fourth quarter as his streak came to a close. He averaged 34.8 points per game during his 41-game streak.

“I was aware [it ended], but that’s the last thing I was worried about,” Durant said. “It was cool to do, but I’m glad it’s over with. It wasn’t difficult. It was just taking away from the team. It was a little bit more of a distraction to the team.”

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