Knicks guard Raymond Felton arrested on gun charges

New York Knicks point guard Raymond Felton was arrested early Tuesday morning on three gun charges, two of which are felony counts, a New York Police Department spokesman said.

Felton was arrested at the 20th Precinct shortly after the Knicks lost to the Dallas Mavericks on Monday, and he is expected to be arraigned later Tuesday.

Felton faces serious second- and third-degree criminal possession of a weapon felony charges and a fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon misdemeanor charge. New York has some of the strictest gun laws in the country.

According to New York courts, the second-degree felony alleges Felton “knowingly possesses a loaded firearm” and the third-degree felony alleges Felton “knowingly possesses a firearm which has been defaced for the purpose of concealment or prevention of the detection of a crime or misrepresenting the identity of such firearm.”

The second-degree felony charge carries a maximum sentence of 15 years if convicted, and the third-degree charge carries a maximum sentence of seven years if convicted.

Former NFL receiver Plaxico Burress reached a plea bargain after being charged with second-degree criminal possession of a weapon in New York and was sentenced to two years in prison in 2009. He served almost the full two years.

Felton, in his ninth NBA season, is averaging 10.4 points, six assists and shooting 40.3% from the field for the struggling Knicks this season.

Written by Catfish Hughes

Catfish Hughes

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