Kobe Bryant has ‘no interest’ in playing for D’Antoni next season

Kobe Bryant is done playing this season, but he’s not done playing. So when he returns to the Lakers next season, he’s looking for changes, one possibly being the head coach.

The Sporting News reported Wednesday, citing sources, that Bryant has “no interest” in playing for Mike D’Antoni next season and that he wants a new coach in place.

D’Antoni has already been given the support of the team this season — important note: there’s only a month remaining — and he signed a three-year, $12 million deal in 2012. And with the Lakers still paying off Mike Brown’s contract after firing him last season. So if they do intend to can D’Antoni, there’s a chance they’d be paying three coaches at once.

However, there have been plenty of reports suggesting the Lakers are circling the 2015-16 season for their rebuilding effort. Obviously Kobe isn’t going to endorse that, but the larger point is why bring in a new coach for next season if the vision is based two years from now?

Obviously blame is going to fall at the feet of D’Antoni, but look at the roster he’s currently working with. How is this at all his fault? When Nick Young getting hurt is a major injury for you, you know you’re in a bad place. When you’re losing, the grass always becomes greener. But D’Antoni hasn’t really been given a chance to even coach a full, cohesive team yet. Last season was a disaster with Dwight Howard, but I’m not sure that’s on D’Antoni either.

Will Kobe get his way? Considering the Lakers just gave him a two-year, $48 million extension, I’m kind of thinking yes. Kobe always gets his way.

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