Larry Brown wants Allen Iverson in 76ers Front Office

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Larry Brown wants Allen Iverson back with the Philadelphia 76ers. The ex-Sixers coach thinks he can help in the front office, via the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Mike Sielski:

Through the team’s part-owner David Blitzer and Iverson’s longtime manager Gary Moore, Brown has spent months lobbying the 76ers to hire Iverson as an assistant general manager.

“I just wish there was some way that he could be involved,” Brown said in a telephone interview Friday. “Just teach him about the organization and let him figure it out, figure out how he can help. He can certainly judge talent. He certainly has people’s respect. Kids will listen to anything he said. He’s certainly bright as hell.

“Just teach him how to be involved with the NBA, whatever level you want, but I think ultimately I’d like to see him get into management. I think he’d be a huge asset.”

A couple of thoughts:

1. Brown, currently the head coach at Southern Methodist University, said he hadn’t even spoken to the Sixers front office about draft prospect Emmanuel Mudiay, who he recruited to SMU. More important, he said last October that the way Philadelphia is rebuilding the roster “makes me sick to my stomach” and “these analytics, they don’t mean squat to me.” It is hard to imagine a world where general manager Sam Hinkie wants Brown’s input on anything.

2. Iverson joined a Sixers television broadcast back in March and said that he’d love to be involved in their front office, so this isn’t coming out of nowhere. Is there any evidence that he’d be able to help, though? Philadelphia fans will always love Iverson, but I doubt they’d want him involved in personnel decisions.

According to the Inquirer, Iverson’s manager Gary Moore speaks to Sixers part-owner David Blitzer “frequently, to maintain the connection between Iverson in the franchise.” Realistically, that connection will always be there, just as it should be. It just seems extremely unlikely that it would be in a management capacity.

Written by Zac Porter

Zac Porter

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