Lebron and D League All-Stars Win Again, Now Up 2-1 Over Warriors

Lebron James

Now there is no way this should be happening! Even with Lebron averaging a triple double, and Della having the series of his life. Yet, somehow, someway, it is. As soon as Kyrie went down the Cavs were suppose to get ready for their exit interviews, let the Warriors win in 5, go home, and get ready for next year with Love and Kyrie back.

Lebron has other ideas, and we keep hearing other motivation. He has played the best first 3 games in a Finals ever averaging over 40 a game along with that triple double. In game 3 James had 40 points, 12 rebounds, and 8 dimes, and he got the W. Lebron is carrying this team on his back like nobody else in the history of the league has.

Lebron has the whole Golden State making the same face as Kerr:

Lebron broke the record for most points scored in the first 3 games of an NBA Finals. LeBron has been his team’s outright leader in Pts/Rebs/Asts in 35 career playoff games, including in game 3.. Next most all-time is 13 by Larry Bird.

Cleveland was up 20 at one point in the 3rd, and 92-83 in the final minute before Steph Curry decided to check in for Sebastian Curry. Curry hit 5 triples in the 4th, and had his team within a bucket before the refs stepped back in for some unusual calls.

Curry ended with 27, but Dellavedova was again the ignition for the Cavs. His pesky defense on Curry has been noted across every blog and forum in the world, and he had the shot of the night too.

With 2:30 left in the 4th, Dellavedova hit the lane with Curry defending him, Curry knocked him, and the kid from Australia nicknamed, the Outback Jesus, tossed up a floater that used the windex and banked in for an and 1. It wasn’t the end for the Warriors as they still fought until the clock read 0:00, but it was a huge play from an undrafted kid on the biggest stage.

He is hitting shots like that AND playing the best defense anybody has on the MVP Curry right now. Post game he received IVs and was taken to the Cleveland Clinic for further procedures.

“He’s going to throw his body all over the place,” James said.

Playing Scottie Pippen to Lebron’s Jordan, Dellavedova had 20 points for the night.

Despite how great of a story it is for the Cavs, the series is still young. It is only 2-1, and the Warriors are still very confident that they can win.

“I’m telling you that right now,” Klay Thompson said, “if we get our offense back, which we will, we’re going to win this series.”

Steph Curry is motivated behind the big 4th quarter.

I think I found something when it comes to how I’m going to be able to attack their pick-and-rolls,” Curry said. “I’ll keep that in the memory bank going into Game 4.”

The Warriors are right, they will find their offense, but it has to be better than Lebron.

Game 4 is on Thursday, and it should be another great one.

My only thoughts on the rest of the series is, when will JR Smith have his 9-10 three point game?

I think he is still gonna deliver one great game!

Written by Catfish Hughes

Catfish Hughes

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