Lebron is Changing His Own Script in the Middle of the Movie

The King is back! But it hasn’t always been a “long live the king,” type of love affair in Cleveland with King James. It was just 4 years ago, that the members of his Ohio kingdom burned his jersey and scorned his name. Then they booed him when he rode into town on D. Wade’s coattails, and when he came back a champion now carrying Wade on his back, they booed him even louder.

Lebron left in 2010 because he thought the holy grail of his career was winning 7 or more championships putting him ahead of his idol, Michael Jordan. 6 or more was the number that Kobe seemed to be chasing so Lebron wanted to chase it too. Many people became confused with Jordan’s 6 rings, and thought that is why he was the greatest of all time. They didn’t even bring up Bill Russell, he was just forgotten with his 11 rings. 11 rings and he was the driving force on all those championships. His era of basketball isn’t on youtube for newcomers to pull up and compare like it is for stars of the 80s until now. Robert Horry has the magic number of 7 rings, but he wasn’t anywhere near Jordan or Lebron. The newcomers who want to talk and debate b-ball in the barbershop will bring up Big Shot Bob. But averaged a lousy 7 points for his career. Horry was just lucky to play for winning teams.

Lebron winning 7 championships with the Heat wouldn’t have made him automatically the best player ever. Kobe, who is more MJ than Lebron, was chasing the number of rings after winning 3 with Shaquille O’Neal. Lebron would have won a majority of his with Wade had he stayed in the 305 area code. Neither Kobe or Lebron would take the crown over Jordan just for championships.

Lebron might have realized this over the past 4 years, but he likely realized that just matching the 5 Kobe has was going to be hard if he stayed in Miami. Miami gave Wade the special treatment during the regular season. It was Wade who got to rest for a big playoff season. It was Wade who started the on court yelling/mouthing of “this is my house.”  Wade owned Miami before Lebron, and even though Lebron brought Miami back to back chips, it was still Wade County in the 305.

Lebron wouldn’t admit this, but he understood it. Lebron’s castle was the one he left in 2010. His kingdom was about to be taken over by Johnny Football, and although an ally to the King, he isn’t the King.

Lebron knew chasing rings in Wade’s county would never give him exactly what he needed. Now he isn’t chasing Jordan’s shadow. He wants to bring the first championship to Cleveland in 50 years. If we thought Bill Russell was an ancient footnote, a championship team in Cleveland is so old we wonder if Jesus suited up for the Browns.

Lebron watched how people hated him after the decision. He was shell shocked before the decision when he met with Pat Riley and Riles handed him a bag full of his rings. Nobody in the Cavs organization or the entire town of Cleveland could show him one ring they had won in that city. 7 members of the Heat organization had rings already when Lebron joined them in 2010. Lebron DID need to go learn how to win a championship. He DID have to do that outside of Cleveland, and he needed to grow as a persona as well. He needed that 4 year college break that he never got when the Cavs drafted him #1 overall in 2003.

He also needed to grow as a person. He had to say that maybe chasing the rings wasn’t what he should do, and not just for his own legacy but for his time playing. Imagine if Lebron had resigned with the Heat and the big 3 and they would have added Carmelo to the bunch. How good would Lebron’s movie script look at the end of his career? (And people often forget that besides the big 3, Ray Allen was on these teams and he is a first ballot HOF guy)

The plot would have been good enough for Lebron to have a solid movie and book, but Lebron doesn’t want to be a solid summer blockbuster. He wants to be and HAS to be Star Wars.

So with the same crew that packed up and left Ohio with to follow the ‘ring dream’ with in Miami, Lebron is changing the script. In the middle of the movie, he is playing Quentin Tarantino. Catching Jordan would have been difficult, but getting the same type of love as Jordan is something he wouldn’t see either way.

Lebron went from ‘bad guy’ to ‘hometown hero’ overnight. He changed the movie, he made up his own goal and narrative, and it is one that people seem to love. That love was never there before for the King.

It won’t be any easier back in his own Kingdom. The Cleveland fans have more playoff game experience than the whole Cavs roster besides LeBron and Varejao.

The Cavs aren’t much better on paper besides the Vegas turning them from a 60-1 shot to a 4-1 shot, I don’t see the super talent there myself. If they Kevin Love, sure I can see them winning the East. But this makes Lebron’s return to his former kingdom even more of a risk.

I like the move by Lebron, and it will be interesting to see how HE likes it 4 years from now. If going 2-2 in NBA Finals with Miami wasn’t enough for Lebron, how is going 1-3 or even 0-4.

Either way it goes, the movie was changed in the middle with a twist that nobody saw coming. Maybe even Lebron himself.

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Written by Catfish Hughes

Catfish Hughes

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