Manu Ginobili Will Be Patient In Making Decision On 15-16


Manu Ginobili will wait at least a month to make his decision on whether to continue his playing career.

“I know many are awaiting what will happen with my career. The truth is that I am grateful for all the words of appreciation and affection. While I am not someone who usually reads them, I saw nice comments that make you feel good. They can tell you to play one more year, you’re still good … but it’s beyond that. It’s how you feel or how much it costs to get ready to go to each of the cities or play five games in a week. Or play 85 games in 165 days. So it’s a time of uncertainty.

“I’ll wait for this month and see how I feel. If I feel like a former player or not. I begin to wonder if or how my body will feel. It is a unique moment, I’ve never been in this situation. I thought about retiring briefly in 2013, but after a week or 10 days I knew I wanted to take another challenge. Now let’s see. Maybe now is the same or more difficult for me and I have to wait longer. So I’ll see calmly what I want do, because there are decisions you can’t rush.

“Today I do not feel that there is a right decision, whatever it may be. You never know if it’s good or not. Because it is a unique situation, because no one can tell you what to do. Because yes, there are a lot of former players who went through this time and so on, but each has its experience with different family moments, with particular physical realities. To stop doing what you did 100% of your adult life is a unique moment, which gives a lot of uncertainty. At times I think it’s time and others not. I have many more questions, so I want to give a time.”

Ginobili said his decision could be made in part on what happens with Gregg Popovich and Tim Duncan.

“The truth is that if the franchise had said they did not want me or it was time to rebuild and wanted a younger team, I would have greatly facilitated the task. If there is another coach, Tim retires, Tony (Parker) does not play anymore, that would change the situation. I understand it’s time to retool, and understandably so. But if Pop continues and Tim can follow, everything is different. I guess we’ll have a little talk with Tim, who seems to be on the same ledge as me.We’ll see where the wind blows.”

Written by Joey Sinatra

Joey Sinatra

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