Michael Jordan Hands Out Turkeys And Jordans To Hurricane Victims In North Carolina

Tis the season to be giving and if you needed more reason to love NBA G.O.A.T. Michael Jordan, well, here you go.

Yesterday (Nov. 20) the Associated Press reported that the legendary Chicago Bulls shooting guard returned home to Wilmington, North Carolina to bless victims of Hurricane Florence with free turkeys and maybe more importantly (to sneakerheads anyway), free pairs of Air Jordans.

Back in September his Airness donated $2 million in hurricane relief to help people who were hurt by the devastating effects of Hurricane Florence, and yesterday he was able to meet and greet those same people who benefited from his donation.

“It means he hasn’t forgotten,” Parker told The Associated Press about Jordan’s visit to Wilmington, North Carolina. “It means we are important.”

Michael for his part knows that money can be replaced but the lives of people cannot and helping each other through hard times is what makes humanity go round.

“You really want to trust that money goes to the right people,” Jordan said. “And when you see it goes to the right people, it makes me feel good that I did the right thing.”

Such humble words from a basketball deity.

After handing out Turkey dinners at a local home improvement store, Michael Jordan made his way to his childhood Boys & Girls Club Tuesday and handed out Jordan Brand attire.

All that being said and done, Mike says he’ll keep his eye on the relief efforts going on in the community and will consider teaming with other organizations to help improve living conditions for those in need.

We should all be like Mike both on and off the court.

Written by Catfish Hughes

Catfish Hughes

Frank “Catfish” Hughes has been called, “Bob Knight’s Baby with Hip Hop that covers sports.” and “the future of sports writing!” He is an official member of the NSSA & USBWA. Catfish covers the Los Angeles Angeles as the official East Coast Voice of the Lakers, and owns the NBA media outlet, WickedJumpShot.com and was the host of Thru the Wire Sports Talk Radio which aired on both ESPN Radio and Fox Sports Radio. Catfish is the head editor and chief here at the Boxing Globe. @CatfishHughes on twitter.

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