More Allegations Coach John Calipari’s Pay for Play System Emerge Involving Derrick Kellogg


Stephen Saine is a pastor and uncle to current NBA-D league player, Pierre Henderson-Niles.

Saine is also an author and in his newly released book titled, Flagrant Fouls, he writes about Coach John Calipari’s Pay for Play system which he saw first hand.




Saine sat down with myself for a one on one on the new book and these allegations against Coach John Calipari and his former assistant coach, Derrick Kellogg. Kellogg is the current head coach for UMass.

Saine says he was paid $20,000.00 dollars from current Kellogg on behalf of then Memphis Head Basketball Coach, John Calipari, so his nephew would attend and play basketball for the University of Memphis.

Henderson-Niles was a top recruit out of the city of Memphis and Saine is Niles former guardian.

These allegations broke first last June, but with the everything now officially in writing and Pastor Saine having meetings with the NCAA it might be trouble for both Coach Calipari and Coach Kellogg.

Memphis was placed on probation and had to vacate it’s Final Four trip from Cal’s days as the head coach due to similar pay for play situations.

Memphis went through several major infractions under Calipari, including a fraudulent SAT score by a player, later revealed to be Derrick Rose, and providing close to $1,700 in free travel to Rose’s brother, Reggie.

Calipari’s UMass team in 1990s was also placed on probation and had wins vacated following his departure for actions that happened when he was in charge.

Here is a snippet of the interview and you can hear the whole interview on the Moonlite Gram Show which premieres this Sunday at 11 pm on New York Radio in conjunction with Tunein Radio. For a live stream visit

Written by Catfish Hughes

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