Phil Jackson says Lamar Odom sign with Knicks; Mike Woodson decision could come as early as Thursday

Lamar Odom’s first workout with the Knicks on Thursday could be a window into Phil Jackson’s immediate plans for Mike Woodson and his coaching staff.

Odom, the veteran forward and Queens native, is signed with the Knicks for the remainder of the season, according to Jackson, and will begin training at the Knicks practice facility in Greenburgh immediately. Jackson, who coached Odom with the Los Angeles Lakers, will oversee the workouts but will also want at least one or two members of the coaching staff working with Odom.

However, a source close to the situation says that Woodson’s assistants, who are all working under one year contracts, have not been given assurances that they will return. It is widely believed that Woodson, who has a contract through next season, will not return. His contact with Jackson has been minimal and a person close to Woodson says the Knicks head coach has been down the last few days, suggesting “that he knows he’s gone.”

If Woodson is fired it is believed that his entire coaching staff will be dismissed as well. That includes Jim Todd, Darrell Walker, Jerry Dunn, David Hopla and LaSalle Thompson. The future of Herb Williams, however, is uncertain.


Written by Nick Endress

Nick Endress

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