Phil talks Kobe

Legendary head coach Phil Jackson believes Kobe Bryant will return to form when he comes back from a knee injury. Jackson riffed on Bryant as well as several other topics in an interview with NBA TV’s Rick Fox:

“I think he’ll be back,” Jackson said. “I think Kobe is going to be still a scorer. He can score. We saw Michael Jordan at the end of his career still scoring 20 points a game and he was 37-38, I think. Maybe he was 38-39, I can’t really remember. But I think Kobe can still post up. I think he can still be a good screen-roll player. He’s going to hit shots. He can still shoot the 3-pointer. I think he’s really realistic about it. He’s really pleased. He felt like, you know, I will come back.”

Jackson did say he thought Bryant’s two-year, $48.5 million extension was a bit on the extreme side, but the former coach added that Kobe brings so much value because of what he’s given to the Los Angeles Lakers‘ organization and that every team needs a player who doesn’t “settle for second.”

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