Smoove Gotti Issues Statement on Lebron Coming Back to Cleveland

Cleveland MC, Smoove Gotti, issued the following statement to the press in regards to Lebron James returning to play basketball in Cleveland. Smoove Gotti is a born and bred Cleveland citizen, and he has become one of the top entertainers and leaders in not just the hip hop community but the Northern Ohio community as a whole. Gotti is going back to his roots in Cleveland as well after signing and releasing material over the last few years on major record labels, Gotti is going back to launch his Cleveland based , I C Green Entertainment Company. He plans on releasing his own EP on I C Green Ent., and he is currently looking for talent in the Northern Ohio area to sign!

Check out Smoove Gotti’s statement:

Since Lebrons decision of 2010 basketball has not been as fun to watch. I grew up in the inner city of Cleveland, Ohio. One of the most positive things that helped me was the game of basketball. I played but I wasn’t as physically gifted as Lebron. I let the streets push me into bad decisions that my talent in music help steer me out of. Before music was my sole purpose and drive. basketball was the way I escaped my surroundings. I was very upset when Lebron left. I rooted against him for four years. I watched him become the best player in the world. I was a huge Kobe Bryant fan growing up being two years younger then Lebron. lebron quickly became my second favorite player even before he was a Cleveland Cavalier. After reading Lebrons Essay I was almost in tears. The biggest reason I was upset with his decision to leave Cleveland was he had touched so many of the youth here. He made us believe. If you listen to my music I touch on how native Clevelanders are lose. They believe that because they are from here. They can’t become legend. They believe that opportunities don’t exist here. He meant so much as role model. I grew up in these four years. He definitely did too. This will be the best year yet for me as a fan of basketball. I believe purpose is ordained by god. I do my music for the world to feel my soul. Cleveland Is my soul. I thank Lebron for rekindling The Movement. Let’s light the city up.” #SG Smoove Gotti

Written by Catfish Hughes

Catfish Hughes

Frank “Catfish” Hughes has been called, “Bob Knight’s Baby with Hip Hop that covers sports.” and “the future of sports writing!” He is an official member of the NSSA & USBWA. Catfish covers the Los Angeles Angeles as the official East Coast Voice of the Lakers, and owns the NBA media outlet, and was the host of Thru the Wire Sports Talk Radio which aired on both ESPN Radio and Fox Sports Radio. Catfish is the head editor and chief here at the Boxing Globe. @CatfishHughes on twitter.

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