Tyson Chandler Says Chandler Parsons is “Butthurt” Over DeAndre Jordan

DeAndre Jordan shouldn’t take Chandler Parson’s insults seriously — he’s just “butthurt” that he couldn’t convince him to stay with the Mavs … so says NBA star Tyson Chandler.

Tyson’s definitely the right guy to ask about the Jordan drama — not only is he the guy Jordan was supposed to replace in Dallas … but he’s also pretty tight with Mark Cuban and Chandler Parsons.
Chandler was pretty candid about the whole situation … saying the way things went down were “a little iffy” … but says at the end of the day, “Every man has his own right to make his own decision.”

As for Dallas Mavs star Chandler Parsons — he’s been ripping DeAndre in the media … saying D.J. went back to the Clippers because he’s too “scared” to be a franchise player.
But Tyson says that’s not really Chandler talkin’, it’s the butthurt … and he’ll get over it.

Written by Lefty Aaron Brooks

Lefty Aaron Brooks

Aaron Brooks is a former D2 College Athlete who played both basketball and baseball for two different D2 Schools. Brooks gets his nickname, Lefty, from his pitching side which is different from his batting stance, his basketball shooting hand, and almost everything else ‘Lefty’ does on a daily basis. Aaron is also from the Terrapin state of Maryland which plays on his nickname as well, Lefty Dreissels, former Maryland Head Coach. Lefty joined WJS in 2013 and has grown with the website. Aaron ‘Lefty’ Brooks has guaranteed a Maryland National Championship in 2016. Lefty also preaches that Len Bias would have been greater than Jordan & Lebron combined!