Where Should Thon Maker Go to College?

If Thon Maker goes to any school to play college basketball, where should it be?

It will probably be a one and done season, and if it is, why not Indiana?

I can’t think of a reason, and I can think of one giant reason, to win a National Championship.

Winning a NC is something that is talked about in the association almost as much as winning an NBA ring is. It is a bragging ground that Maker would love to have in 5 years when he is dominating the next level, but first things first.

Indiana has the ability to win a Championship next year, and with the addition of Mr. Maker they might do it.

IU has a veteran backcourt returning in senior guard and Wooden POY candidate, Yogi Ferrell, sophomore guard, Kevin Blackmon Jr,. Yogi is one of the last true point guards left, the last of dying breed. Yogi is great at dishing the dimes just ask former Hoosier big man, Cody Zeller.

IU also just signed a big man, Thomas Bryant, and he wants to play center. That means Maker could play his favorite position at the 4. Imagine a backcourt of those two guards and a front court of Maker, Bryant, and Troy Williams at the 3.

Troy Williams is another big reason that Maker should highly consider Indiana. Williams, Zeller, D-Wade, and Victor Oladipo and of course Tom Crean are the reasons. Lottery picks that weren’t before they played with Crean.

Crean is considered by many NBA scouts as being the best at developing talent. It is proven and seen with those guys. Troy Williams has gone from a guy on the bench to a first round pick next year.

It seems that John Calipari gets all the kids he wants and turns them into pros which isn’t exactly true. Calipari takes kids who could be pros without him, and he makes it seem like he is doing it.

All the kids on UK would be turning pro or in the pros without Calipari. Try to tell anybody in the NBA that John Wall or Anthony Davis wouldn’t be in the league?

Victor Oladipo is another prime example. He wasn’t anywhere near a top 5 pick when he came to the Hoosiers. He went #2 in the draft and Orlando has been in love with Victor since day 1.

Thon Maker would also become a legend, instantly at Indiana. If Maker goes to UK he is just another one and done player in a line of them. Even if he is one and done with Indiana, he is still a legend.

Indiana fans love basketball and especially Hoosiers. Ask any Indiana fan about Damon Bailey, a kid who never even played in the pros, and he is a statewide legend. It is like that for a ton of Hoosiers.

Indiana also hasn’t had a championship since 1987. The state is craving one, and imagine the celebration if Maker came to Indiana and delivered even a Final Four?

Bloomington would probably build a statue of Maker and company.

Every National Champion since 1995 (besides Carmelos 2003 Syracuse, but hey Gerry was pretty solid) has had an NBA guard on their team. Yogi is that guard, and if Maker comes to Indiana it would be raising it’s first banner since 1987. (And maybe a set of statues!)

Maker can be another great one and done at UK or Kansas or he can become an instant legend at Indiana.

Written by Catfish Hughes

Catfish Hughes

Frank “Catfish” Hughes has been called, “Bob Knight’s Baby with Hip Hop that covers sports.” and “the future of sports writing!” He is an official member of the NSSA & USBWA. Catfish covers the Los Angeles Angeles as the official East Coast Voice of the Lakers, and owns the NBA media outlet, WickedJumpShot.com and was the host of Thru the Wire Sports Talk Radio which aired on both ESPN Radio and Fox Sports Radio. Catfish is the head editor and chief here at the Boxing Globe. @CatfishHughes on twitter.