Wiggins for Love, Really?

So the news hit that the Cavs were going to offer Andrew Wiggins to the Wolves for Kevin Love. Yes, news that we already knew last week, but hey, way to go Chris Broussard!

It now is online, and it seems the Monday morning GM’s are out on this with their opinions every where.Bill Simmons is on his badly named site telling Gilbert he needs to let Wiggins become Scottie to Michael with Lebron, and at least try it out.

The thing is if Wiggins hits the court his first few months with the Cavs before a trade, he will show his real worth right away.

Sure, he will have room to grow but a lot will be exposed and the Wolves will have a better idea of his potential.

The Cavs and Gilbert are in the right for trading Wiggins now if they are going to trade.

I do agree with Billy Boy in that they SHOULDN’T trade him for Love, but that is another article all together.


Written by Catfish Hughes

Catfish Hughes

Frank “Catfish” Hughes has been called, “Bob Knight’s Baby with Hip Hop that covers sports.” and “the future of sports writing!” He is an official member of the NSSA & USBWA. Catfish covers the Los Angeles Angeles as the official East Coast Voice of the Lakers, and owns the NBA media outlet, WickedJumpShot.com and was the host of Thru the Wire Sports Talk Radio which aired on both ESPN Radio and Fox Sports Radio. Catfish is the head editor and chief here at the Boxing Globe. @CatfishHughes on twitter.

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